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Community Resilience Program

 The Community Resilience Program provides valuable resources that foster a peaceful and supportive environment by providing psychological first aid training, peer support, and benefits assistance to families in distressed communities. We work collaboratively with CBOs to provide resources that address socio-economic issues such as access to healthcare, food insecurity, mental and emotional health, pathways for employment, peer support, and more. Our goal is to create lasting, positive change to ensure our community thrives.

Psychological First Aid

Training Communities to Respond to

Distress and Trauma 

Join Us As We Make 

Our Community Resilient

Food Security

Mental Health Screening

Veteran Benefits Counseling

Psychological First Aid

What is Psychological First Aid & Why is it important?


Psychological First Aid (PFA) Online is a 5-hour interactive online course that helps participants learn the core actions of PFA and describes ways to apply them in different post-disaster scenarios and with different survivor needs. This course also covers provider well-being before, during, and after disasters.



Community Health Screening

Food Security

Veteran Benefits Counseling

We provide a drop-in center for physical and mental health screenings and referrals. Sign up for Psychological First Aid and receive a $50 gift card.

We distribute food weekly to for those impacted by food insecurity

We have a dedicated Veteran Service Officer who will provide counceling and support to educate and increase the usage of VA benefits for Veterans. 


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